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Basic information about how TrustedID Reppler works for you.

Your Online Image is Important

Whether you are looking for a job, building up your professional reputation, or applying to colleges, it is important for your online profiles to present a proper image of you. But keeping your online image under control, particularly across different social networking services, is not easy.

You are probably not thinking about your image every time you make a status update or tweet, post a photo, or "like" something. And there are those crazy posts your friends make on your Facebook Wall, or those embarrassing photos where you are tagged. Every one of these actions can have an impact on how others perceive you.

If that is not enough, then there are those out there who would love to hack their way into your accounts. Or who are trying to get you - or your friends and followers - to click on links that result in malicious behavior. Any of these things can have an impact on your image.

What TrustedID Reppler Does

TrustedID Reppler helps you manage your online image across different social networks. It continuously monitors your content and...

Shows how you are perceived across social networks

TrustedID Reppler analyzes your content to give you a feel for how others might perceive you. TrustedID Reppler gives you unique insights into things like:

  • The tone of the language used by you and your connections. Is the tone positive, negative, or neutral? Is this consistent with how you would like others to perceive you?
  • The words used most often by you and your connections. Are these words ones you would like others to associate with you?
  • The sources of the posts on your Facebook Wall. Are your posts coming from you, your friends, or an application you use? If a lot of them are from a game application, for example, do you want others to see that?
  • The timeframes of your activity. What days of the week and times during the day are you most active? If you work during the day and have a lot of activity during work hours, would this be a good reflection of how you work?
  • The categories of the Facebook Pages you "like". What type of Facebook Pages do you "like"? Are you comfortable with others seeing this?
Tells you the makeup of your social network connections

TrustedID Reppler analyzes your connections in the social networks you participate in to give you details on the different segments of people you are interacting with. An important aspect of managing your online image is knowing your audience so, for example, if many of your Facebook friends are professional colleagues, you may not want to make a post where you complain about your job.

Identifies any potential issues and risks

TrustedID Reppler flags any content that might be considered inappropriate. Inappropriate content can fall into a variety of categories, including drugs, alcohol, adult content, and derogatory language. You can tell TrustedID Reppler which categories you would like monitored and how you would like to be notified, if something is found.

TrustedID Reppler also compares the information in your profiles across different social networks to find similarities and differences. Recruiters often look for discrepancies in your education and work histories so it is important to keep your profiles updated and consistent.

Finally, TrustedID Reppler alerts you of any privacy and security risks you have. On the privacy front, it will highlight any publicly-available information about you that should be private, to prevent hackers from getting into your accounts. On the security side, it will flag any links it finds that could be malicious. Malicious links can fall into a variety of categories, including malware, phishing/scams, and spam. You can tell TrustedID Reppler which categories you want monitored and how you would like to be notified, if something is found.

Calculates an overall image score

TrustedID Reppler calculates what we call the TrustedID Reppler Image Score a measure that takes into account a variety of elements that can affect your online image - the completeness of information in your profiles, the consistency of your information across different social networks, the tone of your content, the appropriateness of your content, the number of people you are connected to, etc.

Tracks changes that could affect your online image

TrustedID Reppler automatically sends you a weekly email that summarizes activity across your social networks that could affect your online image. This keeps you abreast of any issues and gives you the opportunity to take action before it is too late.